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Chaithanya Nursing Home

This unique health care institution was established in the year 1985 by the family of ayurvedic doctors with 45 years experience in patient care, with an objective of giving its patients the best of treatment, both ayurveda and modern medicine. Today it is an established center in Kerala giving polypathy treatment in the most scientific method with all modern facilities.

It is a 50 bedded nursing home, equipped with, 24 hour out-patient wing - computerised, well-furnished, with close circuit T.V., engaging hundreds of out-patients. 40 well furnished Rooms for all types of patients. A\C Delux rooms with Phone, Cable T.V.etc. A well developed A/C operation theatre with all equipments.

A well equipped labour room with qualified staff round the clock. A well developed clinical laboratory with an x-ray unit, a computerized ECG unit and ultra sound scanning facility all that operates 24 hrs. 24 hrs ambulance service & and A/C public carrier for transporting patients. Medical library with internet, T.V., LCD projectors etc.

Allopathy Ayurveda Naturopathy Yoga Meditation Magnetotherapy, Acupuncture & Accupressure
10 well run departments 5 Qualified doctors 45 yrs experience 2 Qualified consultants Daily classes Transcendental meditation classes All Facilities qualified doctors

Consultants available round the clock ,Insurance Facility Available, Central Govt. approved Ayurveda Dept.

Critical Care Training Centre of Kerala Action Force, Geriatric Department & Senior Citizens’ Club, Pain & Palliative Care centre for cancer patients.

Govt. approved Family Welfare Centre, Micriscopic Centre of RNTCP for TB patients, Health education programmes weekly.

Ayurveda : India’s ‘science of life’ is a holistic system of treating the whole body with herbal preparations directed towards strengthening the immune system, curing and preventing diseases without side effects. Ayurvedam believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole, making it the natural way to perfect health and harmony of life.

Panchakarma Therapy : Today everybody is exposed to various kinds of pollution and the toxic wastes get accumulated in the body causing various diseases. Ayurveda prescribes Panchakarma therapy as the best remedy for most of the ailments as it purifies the body from toxic wastes settled in the body due to wrong life styles, food habits and the toxins of the food and water. Different types of massages and special treatments like Pizhichil, Dhara, Kizhi, Chavitti Thirummal …etc are aimed to boost the immune system regaining youthfulness and to increase the mental and physical well being. The Kerala system of massage therapy will preserve and promote positive health and also prevent and cure diseases.

Rejuvenation Therapy : Massage in general improves the circulation and thus energises the body and mind. This is beneficial for the diseased as well as healthy person. Different types of massages using time tested Ayurvedic preparations are done by well trained therapists under the guidance of experts in the field of Ayurveda.

The AYURVEDIC wing of CHAITANYA NURSING HOME has a team of experienced ayurvedic doctors, medical assistants and masseurs and the supervision of specialists of Modern Medicine.We have a fully equipped Physiotherapy department, that caters to PANCHKARMA and various types of Ayurvedic treatments. We have an in-house ayurvedic Preparation Center which prepares medicines for our patients. We give strict emphasis on the quality during the preparation of the medicine.


Procedure Time Rate
Uzhichil 60 Minutes Rs.500/-
Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Massage 90 Minutes Rs.900/-
Relaxation Massage 60 Minutes Rs.500/-
Chavitti Thirummal 60 Minutes Rs.1000/-
Local massage 30 Minutes Rs.300/-
Head, Face, Neck & Shoulder massage 30 Minutes Rs.300/-

Special Rejuvenation Packages
Procedure Time Rate
Uzhichil + Sirodhara + Medicated bath 2 hours Rs.1500/-
Uzhichil + Kizhi + Medicated bath 2 hours Rs.1200/-
Uzhichil + Pizhichil + Medicated bath 2 hours Rs.1700/-
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For more information, write to us : info@cheraihotels.com or call on +91 09349288868
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